Software Developer

We are no longer accepting applications for this position. We're just leaving this page online for existing candidates to reference.

We are looking for a full-stack software developer with interest and experience in user interface design. You would be the seventh developer on our team, and the second with design skills. The role is not exclusively front-end or design oriented, but we have grown to the point where we need more than one person who can handle design work when needed.

Some of our current frameworks are Ruby on Rails, React + Redux, and Xamarin. It’s okay if you’re not an expert in those—we can train you. We are especially interested in hiring developers who bring expertise in a different framework we may use in the future, and who are interested in learning new technologies, idioms, and patterns.

Finally, because (a) much of our work is client-facing and (b) we want to work efficiently as a remote team without resorting to heavy handed management, we look for candidates who are self-starters and have good communication and collaboration skills.

Interview Process

Our standard process is two phone interviews and a final onsite interview in Seattle, WA. You may customize the process if you don’t do well in phone interviews or are unable to travel.

The first two interviews assess your technical and consulting abilities. On the technical side, we look for expertise in areas you have claimed on your resume, the ability to design APIs and systems, and some algorithm implementation. Don’t worry about “Cracking the Coding Interview”—we don’t care much for puzzles. Not as candidate evaluation tools, at any rate.

On the consulting side, we look for your ability to understand a client’s problem, gather and analyze requirements, design a solution, and create a plan for delivering that solution.

The onsite interview involves pairing on some realistic design and programming problems.

Customize your Process

We want our interview process to be standard enough that we can fairly compare candidates, but flexible enough that candidates can put their best foot forward.

If you like, you may:

  • Exchange the first phone interview for an unpaid work sample. We estimate it will take 4-8 hrs to complete, but we don’t measure or enforce a time limit.
  • Hold the final interview remotely, in case you are unable to travel.

We are interested in exploring other options for customization, as long as the process remains fair and unbiased for everyone. Feel free to make a suggestion!


Applications for this position closed on June 17, 2017.