Work with us

Thinking about contacting us for an estimate? Here are some reasons you should work with u.:

Grow Your Business

Do you need sensible software development? We might be a great for you if you:

  • Have a great app idea for your business or soon-to-be business, but you’re not sure how to turn the idea into a reality.
  • Spend hours of your valuable time moving data between spreadsheets or documents to track your business information.
  • Hired your own software engineers, but your backlog is full of killer features you'll never have time to implement.
  • Want to build an app or website that handles sensitive data, but you aren't sure how to make sure it's HIPAA compliant.
  • Expend hours doing repetitive work that is important to you, but is not a core part of your business.

Whole Business Approach

We know your business is unique and complex. That’s why we:

  • Make sure that we thoroughly understand your business, vision, and existing processes before we ever write a line of code.
  • Turn your vision into a technical specification for your review. As we work we’ll check-in often to make sure that what we’re building matches your expectations.
  • Check our assumptions over and over again. We think about what we build from the perspective of every stakeholder (you, your customers, and your end users) to make sure we are effective in solving the right problems.
  • Always consider product maintenance, upgrades, and long terms costs. What we build should be sustainable and easy to maintain.

Knowledge and Experience

Custom software is an investment. Here’s why hiring us will increase your return:

  • We hire senior developers only. Each of our team members comes armed with experience in numerous technology platforms and industries. When you pay for our service, you are paying for years of experience and knowledge.
  • You can always expect honesty. We don’t over-promise what we can do.
  • Our goal is not “landing the deal,” if we don’t have the right experience for your particular project, or we’re not a good a fit, we will happily refer you to another software development company in our network.

Quality and Satisfaction

Your experience and results will be fantastic. Here’s how we know:

  • Our top priority is quality product development. While speed and cost are important considerations, we do not compromise on on the quality of our design and our coding standards. We build products that we (and you) can stand by and be proud of.
  • Our developers come fresh to every project. Each of our senior developers codes for only to 20 to 25 hours per week to make sure that every bit of work you pay for has our full engagement.
  • We don’t bill you if we discover a gap in our knowledge. We eat the cost of our own mistakes. We pride ourselves on doing right by our customers.
  • We work the way you do. If you already have tools in place for communicating, managing code, or your projects we will use those tools so we can easily integrate into your team.
  • Every line of code we write is written by a senior developer, and code reviewed by at least one more senior developer. This way we build products to be intuitive and easy for another developer to understand and maintain.

Initial consultation with us is free - we will happily take a look at your project and either work up an estimate or point you to one of our partners who'd be a great fit! Contact us at and tell us about your project.