Working at Apsis

Apsis Labs is a small design & development company. Our headquarters is in Seattle, WA but we work as a fully distributed team. We offer retirement and health benefits, a competitive salary, an unlimited vacation policy, and a 20-hour work week.

We are not currently accepting job applications. Our most recent openings were for a software developer and a project/business manager. Applications for these positions closed on June 17, and we're now in the process of reviewing them.


We are committed to building a diverse, welcoming, and respectful workplace, and we encourage applications from all genders, races, ages, and backgrounds.

“Tech bro” culture is anathema to us.


Working at Apsis should be a small and rewarding part of your life. We want to take good care of you, and make sure that you have time and space for all of your interests and obligations outside of work. To this end, we offer the following benefits:

  • Retirement contribution matching up to 10% of salary
  • Health insurance (varies by country)
  • Unlimited vacation (minimum three weeks/year)
  • Unlimited parental leave (minimum one month)
  • Paid annual social retreat, including employees' partners and family
  • Co-working reimbursement up to $300/month
  • 20-hour remote work week

If something comes up for a team member that is not covered by one of these benefits, we will do our best to establish a new benefit to help them.

Read more about our job philosophy here.


Is it really a 20-hour work week?
Yes. We only work 20 hours a week, whether it's billable or non-billable work.

How much do you pay?
We consider this a full-time job, so we offer a full-time salary and benefits. We don't try to compete with Amazon or Facebook on salary, but we're around the median for software developers as a whole.

How much travel do you require?
No travel is ever required. If you're able to travel, we will invite you to (1) visit one of our major clients sometime during your first year, and (2) attend our annual team + family retreat.